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Sell Rent Dubai Office

Whether looking to Buy, Sale or Rent office in Business Bay Dubai, We have the knowledge and expertise to see it through

With Business Bay Offices you get the privilege to be on all major Media and Marketing Channels. With a team dedicated for marketing, we have been able to achieve a milestone in expanding our contents through all social media channels. With the maximum number of digitally sequenced property videos and High- Res pictures which portrays the exclusivity of a property through an array of choices in our wide selection of multimedia library, which we have created using the state of the art technology, it is certain that we provide the best in quality for our listings. With a great data and property management system we offer the best Pre-Sales and Post-Sales consultancy which meets all the demands of our customers. With a huge database of clients we are able to produce the demand that meets the requirements for any property available.

Below can be seen the 10-year trend for interest in Business Bay from Google’s own analysis. The chart shows an increase in of some 400% over the period. A not insignificant growth in demand for any market, but one that is extraordinary considering that 3 of those 10 years formed part of a once in a lifetime financial crisis. It is not coincidental that the chart shows a search increase of some 40% since Year-End 2012 tracks the growth in per square foot sales prices. Dubai is now moving into being a more mature investment environment, where we can use historical data to project future trends. Based on that premise and the below data, we are able to with some comfort predict medium term growth in the sector.


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