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ProjectAreaProcedureUnit SizePricePrice Per Sq.ftTrans DateStatusCategory
Iris BayBusiness BaySale1,2631,200,000949.8511-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Iris BayBusiness BayMortgage1,263720,000569.9111-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Westburry Tower 1Business BaySale863641,424743.311-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Westburry Tower 1Business BaySale1,018757,037743.311-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Westburry Tower 1Business BaySale1,152856,245743.311-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Westburry Tower 1Business BaySale863614,669712.0311-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Westburry Tower 1Business BaySale1,018757,037743.311-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Westburry Tower 1Business BaySale1,4551,081,391743.311-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Westburry Tower 1Business BaySale1,4891,106,672743.311-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Westburry Tower 1Business BaySale1,182878,329743.311-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Westburry Tower 1Business BaySale1,4531,080,194743.311-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Ontario TowerBusiness BaySale1,016770,000757.8710-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Regal TowerBusiness BayMortgage984910,000924.7610-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
Lake CentralBusiness BaySale1,6672,200,0001320.0709-AUG-22ReadyCommercial
The MetropolisBusiness BaySale636510,000802.2509-AUG-22ReadyCommercial

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About Business Bay Dubai

About Business Bay Dubai

Business Bay, Dubai is an incredible project in the heart of Dubai with an infrastructure well equipped to promote businesses, trade and luxury living.

This cornerstone is to be a capital hub for Dubai and the Middle East; it has established a new modern Central Business District (CBD) on the scale of Manhattan and is not only a very desirable place to live, but also a major business and trading hub for local and international corporations. 

Business Bay, Dubai covers a total area of about 46.9 million square feet out of which 22.1 percent is taken for residential use, 18.5 percent for commercial use and the remaining 59.4 percent is for mixed usage.

With its unique location right next to the DIFC, freehold areas (where foreigners for can buy and lease property in Dubai) and the world's tallest tower-- The Burj Khalifa, it is an ideal location for investment in Dubai.

Projects within Business Bay include: The Executive Towers, Bay Avenue, Burj Al Alam, Vision Tower, The Prism, Signature Towers, The Opus and The Pad. There are also hotels including, The Radisson Blu Hotel Downtown Dubai and the Oberoi Dubai.

Business Bay has the added advantage of being close to the new Dubai Canal that will connect Business Bay with the Arabian Gulf. It will offer an alternative mode of transportation.